Frane Nincevic - profile / player stats

Frane Nincevic - profile / player stats

Frane Nincevic
Name: Frane Nincevic
Country: Croatia
Birthdate: 17.06.99, 20 years
Matches total: 58
Win: 26
%: 44.83 %
yearsummaryHardClayI. hardCarpetGrassAcrylic
perc. %44.83 %37.5 %46 %0 %0 %0 %0 %
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Frane Nincevic / last 50 matches

16.09.19q 2Mesa MeiFrane Nincevic6-3, 0-6, 10-7 lostmatch detailsSerbia M15 Zlatibor Clay
15.09.19q 1Frane NincevicSreten Spasic6-2, 6-1 winmatch details
07.08.191st roundMoritz ThiemFrane Nincevic6-4, 6-3 lostmatch detailsAustria M25 Vogau Clay
06.08.19qual.Frane NincevicDaniil Gusev6-3, 6-2 winmatch details
05.08.19q 1Frane NincevicJoerg Poglitsch6-1, 6-2 winmatch details
30.07.19qual.Alen Rogic HadzalicFrane Nincevic6-3, 6-2 lostmatch detailsSerbia M15 Novi Clay
29.07.19q 1Frane NincevicIgor Shrolik6-2, 6-1 winmatch details
22.07.19q 1Frane NincevicAziz Kijametovic7-5, 6-4 winmatch detailsAustria M15 Wels Clay
22.07.19qual.Petr MichnevFrane Nincevic6-3, 6-3 lostmatch details
02.07.19qual.Bogdan PavelFrane Nincevic6-3, 6-2 lostmatch detailsSerbia M15 Belgrade Clay
01.07.19q 1Frane NincevicShunsuke Wakita0-6, 6-2, 10-7 winmatch details
25.06.19qual.Andrea GuerrieriFrane Nincevic7-61, 6-1 lostmatch detailsBelgium M25+H Arlon Clay
24.06.19q 1Frane NincevicLoic Cloes3-6, 6-3, 10-5 winmatch details
31.05.192nd roundNik RazborsekFrane Nincevic6-3, 6-3 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. M25 Kiseljak Clay
29.05.191st roundFrane NincevicDuje Kekez4-6, 7-62, 6-4 winmatch details
22.05.191st roundMaxime TchoutakianFrane Nincevic4-6, 6-3, 6-1 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. M15 Brcko Clay
15.05.191st roundIgor SijslingFrane Nincevic2-6, 6-1, 6-4 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. M25 Doboj Clay
10.05.192nd roundBotic Van De ZandschulpFrane Nincevic6-1, 6-0 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. M25 Prijedor Clay
08.05.191st roundFrane NincevicLuka Puljic7-68, 6-1 winmatch details
27.03.191st roundMartins PodzusFrane Nincevic6-1, 6-0 lostmatch detailsCroatia M15 Opatija Clay
08.08.181st roundNicolas RosenzweigFrane Nincevic6-2, 5-2, Frane Nincevic - retiredlostmatch detailsSerbia Serbia F1 Clay
06.08.18qual.Frane NincevicLuka Miklavcic7-61, 6-2 winmatch details
05.08.18q 2Frane NincevicStefan Dragovic6-2, 6-1 winmatch details
04.08.18q 1Frane NincevicPavle Daljev4-6, 6-2, 4-1, Pavle Daljev - retiredwinmatch details
23.05.181st roundTom Kocevar-DesmanFrane Nincevic6-2, 6-2 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. Bosnia & Clay
06.05.18q 2Daniel KhinFrane Nincevic3-6, 6-4, 6-3 lostmatch detailsHungary Hungary F1 Clay
06.05.18q 1Frane NincevicJuri Maelson6-1, 6-3 winmatch details
20.03.181st roundNicola GhedinFrane Nincevic2-6, 7-5, 7-64 lostmatch detailsCroatia Croatia F3 Clay
10.03.18Filip SalerFrane Nincevic6-3, 6-4 lostmatch detailsCroatia Croatia F2 Clay
04.03.18Frane NincevicAlexandru Ionel Stroe6-3, 6-0 winmatch detailsCroatia Croatia F1 Clay
04.03.18q 1Sebastian PrechtelFrane Nincevic6-4, 7-5 lostmatch details
14.01.18q 1Mohamed AdnaouiFrane Nincevic2-6, 7-60, Frane Nincevic - retiredlostmatch detailsTurkey Turkey F2 Hard
06.01.18q 1Alexander BoborykinFrane Nincevic5-7, 6-3, 6-1 lostmatch detailsTurkey Turkey F1 Hard
13.11.17q 2Antoine WalchFrane Nincevic6-3, 6-2 lostmatch detailsGreece Greece F9 Hard
13.11.17q 1Frane NincevicLorenzo Corioni6-3, 7-5 winmatch details
06.11.17q 2Tallon GriekspoorFrane Nincevic6-2, 7-5 lostmatch detailsGreece Greece F8 Hard
06.11.17q 1Frane NincevicSebastien Mentha4-6, 6-3, 6-4 winmatch details
18.09.17q 1Frane NincevicAdam Jones6-3, 6-4 winmatch detailsUnited Kingdom Great Britain Hard
18.09.17q 2Martin BeranFrane Nincevic6-4, 4-6, 7-63 lostmatch details
04.09.17q 2Maksim TikhomirovFrane Nincevic6-3, 6-1 lostmatch detailsSerbia Serbia F5 Clay
04.09.17q 1Frane NincevicVitomir Markovic6-1, 6-4 winmatch details
28.08.17q 1Julian BradleyFrane Nincevic7-5, 6-1 lostmatch detailsSerbia Serbia F4 Clay
24.07.17q 1Robin PehamFrane Nincevic6-3, 3-1, Frane Nincevic - retiredlostmatch detailsAustria Austria F4 Clay
29.05.17q 1Boris ButulijaFrane Nincevic6-0, 7-5 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. Bosnia & Clay
24.05.171st roundGoran MarkovicFrane Nincevic6-2, 6-3 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. Bosnia & Clay
22.05.17q 1Frane NincevicStefan Petrovic6-1, 6-3 winmatch details
22.05.17q 2Frane NincevicKarlo Divkovic6-4, 6-1 winmatch details
22.05.17qual.Frane NincevicDino Hadzalic4-3, Dino Hadzalic - retiredwinmatch details
08.05.17q 1Frane NincevicGoran Radanovic6-4, 6-1 winmatch detailsHungary Hungary F1 Clay
08.05.17q 2Domagoj BiljeskoFrane Nincevic6-4, 6-2 lostmatch details